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Project Algol Test shot

This is a rendered test shot from one of my current independent projects.

Head Doodle 01/19/2012

Head Doodle for Jan 19, 2012

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The quick doodle for today.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Doodling tonight

Wasnt going to go to sleep till i got a quick doodle out.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Great tutorial for Usebackground with Final Gather


Background Shader rendering in Mental Ray

Some suggestions on problems with Backround shader.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Final Gather

Final Gather does not need photons. Rays are cast for points at different parts of the scene and sample the colors of the objects the rays hit. The color information is sampled back to the starting point of the ray and then the color information is averaged.

Digital Tutors has a great tutorial on this:

MR Rendering a night/evening scene

Nice paper on rendering night scenes.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Paint Effects W/ Physical Sun Sky

These are Paint Effects, converted to polygons with Physical Sun Sky.


mia_material_x really kicks butt.

Portal Lights Kick butt

These are the results of a simple portal light test. The only light is a Physical Sun/Sky node that ware placed as the environment on the camera. Then a portal light was placed in the opening and used to pipe the light in from outside.

With no Portal Light (Or sphere).

Monday, January 2, 2012

Environment Fog in Mental Ray

How to add an environment fog to a mental ray scene

By default the environment node reside in the Maya software render settings, under render options
Once you create the node, mental ray will respect it in rendering

This tip found at:

Great waterfall simulation


It is also complimented with this tutorial.


A great script at fluid emmissions with particles.

Can't believe it's been just over a year since my last post here. Figured I'd make use of this blog by linking important findings in the Maya world here.
Today I found a script online that lets particles emit fluids on Maya.

I found the script at this address on the Area:

---------------The Script-----------------------------

// get particle position
float $pos[] = particleShape1.worldPosition;
//find out which fluid voxel is at that position.
vector $voxel = `fluidVoxelInfo -voxel $pos[0] $pos[1] $pos[2] fluid1`;
$vX = $voxel.x;
$vY = $voxel.y;
$vZ = $voxel.z;
//get particle velocity
float $vel[] = particleShape1.worldVelocity;
//emit density and velocity in specified voxel.
setFluidAttr -at “density” -ad -fv 5 -xi $vX -yi $vY -zi $vZ “fluid1”;
setFluidAttr -at “velocity” -ad -vv $vel[0] $vel[1] $vel[2] -xi $vX -yi $vY -zi $vZ “fluid1”;